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Virtual Servers

Hardware for older SCO UNIX servers is difficult to find at a reasonable cost. On top of this, some versions of SCO UNIX will not support the upgrades that have occurred over time to hard drives, hard drive controllers, processors, or memory. These constraints imposed by newer hardware could force you to upgrade your operating system, but the newer operating system might not be compatible with your programs.

This seems like a catch-22, but virtual Servers allow many different operating systems to run at once on a single server. Using this technology, we can create a virtual operating system to run an older version of SCO UNIX on current hardware by emulating the older server’s hardware specifications. The virtual server’s operating system handles the translation between the hosted operating system and the hardware. So, moving your aging SCO UNIX server to a virtual server will allow your server to run on modern hardware at a lower cost than a full hardware and software upgrade.


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